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2000+ Phrasal Verbs List From A-Z (PDF)


Phrasal verbs are combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs that together create a new meaning beyond the individual words. Think of them as the spice that adds flavor to your language expression!

For example, “break down” doesn’t just mean to divide into parts; it also means to stop functioning correctly, as in “The car broke down on the highway.”

20 Phrasal Verbs With Examples

Phrasal VerbMeaningExample Sentence
Break downStop working; lose control emotionallyThe car broke down on the highway.
Call offCancel somethingThey called off the meeting due to a scheduling conflict.
Come acrossFind unexpectedly; give a particular impressionI came across an old photo while cleaning my room.
Get alongHave a good relationship with someoneMy sister and I get along really well.
Look forward toAnticipate with pleasureI’m looking forward to meeting my friends this weekend.
Put offPostponeWe had to put off the trip until next month.
Run intoMeet unexpectedlyI ran into an old classmate at the grocery store.
Take offRemove clothing; become successful suddenlyShe took off her jacket as it was warm inside.
Turn downReject or refuseHe turned down the job offer because of the low salary.
Bring upRaise a topic or a childShe brought up an interesting point during the meeting.
Come up withThink of; produce an idea or solutionHe came up with a brilliant plan for the project.
Go throughExperience; examine carefullyWe went through a lot of challenges during the trip.
Look up toRespect and admire someoneI’ve always looked up to my grandparents for their wisdom.
Point outIndicate or mention somethingShe pointed out the errors in the report.
Take care ofLook after; deal withCan you take care of the paperwork for me?
Turn offSwitch off; repel or discouragePlease turn off the lights before leaving the room.
Catch upReach the same level; update informationI need to catch up on my emails after vacation.
Get overRecover from an illness or emotional setbackIt took her a while to get over the breakup.
Make upReconcile after an argument; invent or createThey made up after their disagreement.
Put up withTolerate or endureI can’t put up with his constant complaining anymore.


Phrasal Verbs A-Z PDF

  Phrasal Verbs A-Z PDF – download


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Phrasal Verbs PDF

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