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Difference Between Above and Over ✔️


In this lesson we’ll talk about the difference between above and over. These two words are both prepositions and adverbs which are used to show the position of a person or object. Above and over are both used to talk about position and height. When we use above and over as a prepositions, they mean ‘at or to a place that is higher than someone or something’.

👉If it is moving, then use over. If it stays in place use above.

Above‘ and ‘over‘ are two word that are often used interchangeably as prepositions and adverbs but there are many differences between them.

Difference between ABOVE and OVER

Usage of Above Difference

Something that is upward or overhead:

There is a plane flying above school.
Bring me that picture above the window.


More than a particular level:

The heat is above 70 even in winter.
You are precious to me above anything else.


Higher in rank or position:

…behaving as if he was in a position above all other people.
We got new order from above.


Denoting a thing or person previously mentioned:

The above picture shows his latest work.
Refer to the image above.


In preference to:

She favors friendship above love.
Mary holds his card collection above other things.


👉 We don’t usually use above with numbers.

Correct: Over 1000 people joined this class last year.
Wrong: Above 1000 people joined this class last year.


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Usage of Over

At a higher position:

Hold your umbrella over your head.
She put a feather over her hat.


To cover something:

Put a scarf over head neck please.
Put the scarf over your face to cover your nose.


About or concerning, when we are talking about the cause of interest or discussion:

Don’t get mad over a stupid joke.
You should get over it.


On the other side:

Can you see the car over there?
There is a barber over the street.


Across, to indicate movement from one place to another:

The horse jumped over the wall.
She hit the jar with her head and the paint spilled all over her clothes.


During something, indicating a particular period:

They are talking with each other over an hour.
Let’s discuss this things over dinner.


More than usual or expected:

Summer temperatures are over 70 degrees here.
If you are 17 and over, you should get a driver license.


End or Complete:

I’m in a new relationship. I am over her now.
Her exams will be over by the end of this month.


👉Remember both above and over mean in a higher position than, but over suggests closeness or touching.

There was helicopter above them.
Put this blanket over him.

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