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Difference Between Look, See and Watch (Exercise Quiz)


In this lesson you will learn the difference between SEE, WATCH and LOOK. Answer short exercise quiz at the end of the lesson. The use of these verbs are very specific and in most cases, you can’t use them for each other. Some reading exercises could empower your knowledge about these words. Check the chart below and try to write your own examples after reading our examples.

Look and watch are action verbs and require intention in different level.

How to use “LOOK”

To look is a intentional thing and suggest a direction for your eyes. In most cases, the thing we look at, doesn’t change its place.

Look at that beautiful scene.
Look at the pictures of him.
Look at the moon at night.
Look at me please.

How to use “SEE”

To see usually something that comes into our sight that we weren’t paying any attention.

I can see the river from here.
Can you see his car?
Did you see that horse?
I can see you.

How to use “WATCH”

To watch is looking at something very carefully and usually moving.

I am watching TV. (the tv doesn’t move but images are moving)
Watch out your step!
Watch how fast he will run.
You can watch full moon tomorrow.


Look – See – Watch Exercise PDF

  Look, See, Watch Exercise PDF – download


Look – See – Watch Exercise Quiz



#1. Can you ___ the clock and tell me the time, please?

#2. Did you _____ the movie on T.V., last night?

#3. ___ an old friend yesterday from high school.

#4. Last morning, we ______ the sun rise.

#5. If you go to the forest, you can _____ many plants and trees.

#6. 6.____! There's that girl again.

#7. Did you ____ anybody you know at the park?

#8. He can't _____ very well if he doesn't wear his glasses.

#9. Don't ____ me this way please.

#10. We ____ many animals in the forest.


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