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Most Commonly Used English Verbs List (PDF)


This list of the most common English verbs will help you build your vocabulary.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, there are now around 250,000 English words. Well, not all of them are common. It is hard to say which words are common or not, or which English words are useful or not. You can use this list to learn verbs and their base forms, past simple, past participle, 3rd person singular and present participle/gerund forms.

Practice and learn every word, and don’t forget to use a dictionary to find out the meaning of the words. You can easily increase your vocabulary and gain confidence in speaking English. You can also download Most Commonly Used Verbs List PDF down below.


100 Common English Verbs List 1

Main verbs have three basic forms: the base form, the past form and the -ed form (sometimes called the ‘-ed participle’). This list also show you the most common verbs in their basic and 3rd person singular forms.

100 Most Common English Verb 1
Most common used English Verbs List 2

100 Common English Verbs List 2

1. be
2. have
3. do
4. say
5. go
6. can
7. get
8. would
9. make
10. know
11. will
12. think
13. take
14. see
15. come
16. could
17. want
18. look
19. use
20. find
21. give
22. tell
23. work
24. may
25. should
26. call
27. try
28. ask
29. need
30. feel
31. become
32. leave
33. put
34. mean
35. keep
36. let
37. begin
38. seem
39. help
40. talk
41. turn
42. start
43. might
44. show
45. hear
46. play
47. run
48. move
49. like
50. live in
51. believe
52. hold
53. bring
54. happen
55. must
56. write
57. provide
58. sit
59. stand
60. lose
61. pay
62. meet
63. include
64. continue
65. set
66. learn
67. change
68. lead
69. understand
70. watch
71. follow
72. stop
73. create
74. speak
75. read
76. allow
77. add
78. spend
79. grow
80. open
81. walk
82. win
83. offer
84. remember
85. love
86. consider
87. appear
88. buy
89. wait
90. serve
91. die
92. send
93. expect
94. build
95. stay
96. fall
97. cut
98. reach
99. kill
100. remain

Commonly Used English Verbs PDF

Download Most commonly used English Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Prepositions List down below.

  Common English Verbs PDF (download)

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Hi everyone. Great English learning lesson. Thanks.

Mashallah. Good lesson.

great learning lesson

best english


Nice. Thanks for this English lesson and free PDF.

Very useful, thanks!

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where are you from.

Thank you !

Seems like the verbs are not listed by frequency… I bet we use the words “stay” and “send” (especially with messages these days) more often than “die”

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