Irregular Verbs and How to Learn Them Easily

In today’s lesson we will be learning irregular verbs. There are many irregular verbs and it is hard to master them.

These three simple tips will help you to learn irregular verbs easily. What we are going to do now is regroup irregular verbs into three different group.

First group of irregular verbs base form, past simple and past participle don’t change at all. All the forms of them are the same.

Second group of irregular verbs follow a basic rule where after the base form, second and third form repeat itself.

As you can see after first past tense form of the verbs second and third form is the same. Easy to remember right?

Some other irregular verbs that follow this rule:

And the third and last group of irregular verbs have three different forms.

Best way for learning and memorizing English irregular verbs is practising.

Put some time and proper effort to repeat them. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

You can download English irregular verbs worksheet pdf  down below.

Download 'Irregular Verbs' PDF that you can read anywhere.

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