Irregular English Verbs and How to Learn Them Easily

What is an irregular verb?

In today’s lesson we are going to learn irregular verbs. There are many irregular verbs and maybe you find difficult to memorize them but in this lesson I am going to show you three simple basic tips that will help you to learn English irregular verbs easily. What we are going to do now is regroup irregular verb into three different group.

First group of irregular verbs base form, past simple and past participle don’t change at all. All the forms of them are the same.

Cut cut cut

put put put

shut shut shut

hit hit hit

cost cost cost

hurt hurt hurt

let let let

bet bet bet

Second group group of irregular verbs follow a basic rule where after the base form, second and third form repeat itself.

Get got got

keep kept kept

sleep slept slept

leave left left

bring brought brought

As you can see after first past tense form of the verbs second and third form is the same. Easy to remember right? Some other irregular verbs that follow this rule:

Buy bought bought

fight fought fought

think thought thought

meet met met

teach taught taught

say said said

tell told told

And the third and last group of irregular verbs have three different forms.

Blow blew blown

fly flew flown

draw drew drawn

drink drank drunk

swim swam swum

sing sang sung

drive drove driven

steal stole stolen

take took taken

take took taken

throw threw thrown

Best way for learning and memorizing English irregular verbs is repeating them. Put some time and proper effort to repeat them. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

You can download English irregular verbs worksheet pdf  down below.

Download 'Irregular Verbs' PDF that you can read anywhere.

Download irregular verbs pdf

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