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All You Need to Know About TOEFL iBT Test Writing Section ✔


What is in the Writing Section?

How you should prepare for the TOEFL writing section tasks? In this article you will find tips and advises for TOEFL writing section, and how to practice for the test.

There are two writing tasks for the TOEFL writing section.

Integrated Writing Task – You will read brief passage and listen to a short lecture about an academic topic. You are expected to write an response to what you read and listened to in 20 minutes. Your response should be 150-225 words.

Independent Writing Task – You should write an essay based on your idea, opinion or personal experiences in a response to a writing topic.

Questions and Answer About Writing Section

1. How long do I have to complete writing section?
You will have 50 minutes to finish the TOEFL iBT writing section. 20 minutes for integrated writing task and 30 minutes for independent writing (essay) task.


2. Do I have to use the computer?
You can write your responses on a computer or write them by hand for the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition.


3. Do I have a choice of topics?
No, you will only be given one topic.


4. Will all test-takers have the same topic?
No. Not every test-taker will have the same topic.


5. What will happen if I don’t understand the question?
If you study enough, that won’t be a problem. On the day of the test, you will not receive any help with the topic.


6. What will happen if I have any technical problem with the computer?
There will be a test administrators in the room who can help you about using the computer.


7. What kind of pencils should I bring?
Everything you need to write your essay will be given to you at the building that you will take your test. If you need anything extra you can ask your test administrator.


8. Can I bring a phone or clock with me?
No. You can’t bring a phone or clock into the test room. On the computer screen, there will be a clock in the upper left corner that counts down the remaining time.


9. Can I bring a dictionary with me?
No. Thing like these can’t be brought into the test room.


10. Can I bring paper with me?
No. Scratch paper and paper on which to write your essay will be supplied.


11. What happens to the notes I take?
You can write your notes in English or your first language. They will be collected and discarded. They will not be seen by the raters.


12.Is there a spell checker or a grammar checker on the computer?
You will have to do your own proof-reading. Don’t panic about a few spelling errors or a few mistakes with punctuation or grammar. Small mistakes will not affect your score. Remember: I don’t know how to spell a word, use a word you know how to spell.


13. How long should the essay be?
It should be nearly 300 words for independent writing task. You need to address your topic completely in four or five short paragraphs.


14. What’s the most important thing in the essay: organization or grammar?
They are both important. A reader judges an essay on its organization, your use of details to support your opinions, and your language skills.


15. Do I need a title for the essay?
You don’t but, a title helps the readers focus attention on your thesis. A simple will your readers to understand your point of view.


16. Do I need an introduction for my essay?
You need something to introduce your readers to your topic. This will help them understand what you are going to say and how you plan to develop your ideas.


17. How many paragraphs do I need?
You need enough to cover your topic and show that you are proficient in English. A general rule is that you should have five paragraphs:
-the first paragraph is the introduction,
-the next three paragraphs are the body,
-the last paragraph is the conclusion.

In the three paragraphs of the body, you should have one paragraph for each topic sentence. However, you will not scored on how many paragraphs you write. You will be scored on how well you address your topics.


18. What happens if I can’t finish?
You do not need to have an perfect ending for your essay. What you do write should show your language skills. Whatever happens, do not end your essay with an apology. It will not help your score at all.


19. Is the essay a must?
Yes. All test takers who take the TOEFL must write an essay for independent writing task.


20. Anything else I should know about TOEFL iBT Test Writing Section?
Don’t forget TOEFL is a basic English proficiency test. Your readers will not be expecting you to be a great writer or anything. Your language skills will be measured in an academic setting, and you’re supposed to be able to show your ideas in a clear, well-organized manner.

Remember an essay with some minor errors can still reach a high score in writing test.

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