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1000+ Common Daily English Phrases for Beginners (PDF)


If you’re an English learner with a beginner or intermediate level, learning common English phrases is essential for improving your communication skills. Whether you’re starting a conversation, expressing gratitude, making suggestions, or apologizing, having a wide range of basic English phrases in your toolkit will make interactions smoother.

In this article, we’ll learn various everyday topics and provide you with useful phrases. You can also download free 1000 Daily English Sentences PDF at the end of this post.

Ways to Say Hello & Goodbye

To Say HelloTo Say Goodbye
Hey!See you later!
Good morning!Take care!
Good afternoon!Farewell!
Good evening!Catch you later!
Howdy!So long!
What’s up?Till we meet again!
Nice to see you!Have a great day!


Informal Ways to Say Yes and No

SureNot really
Of courseI don’t think so
DefinitelyI’m afraid not
You bet!Negative
AffirmativeI beg to differ
Easy English Expressions for Beginners

Ways to Ask How Someone Is – Easy English Phrases

How are you?How’s it going?
How are you doing?What’s up?
How have you been?How have you been doing?
What’s going on?How’s everything?
How’s your day?How’s your day going?
How are things?What’s new?
How’s life treating you?What have you been up to?


Ways to Say How You Are

I’m good.I’m not bad.
I’m fine.I’m so-so.
I’m great.I’m okay.
I’m doing well.I’m not too good.
I’m excellent.I’m feeling down.
I’m on top of the world.I’m a bit tired.
I’m fantastic.I’m feeling under the weather.


Ways to Say Thank You

Thank you!Thanks a lot!
Thanks!Many thanks!
Thanks a bunch!I appreciate it!
Thanks a million!Thank you so much!
Thanks a ton!Thanks for everything!
Thanks a heap!I can’t thank you enough!


Ways to Respond to “Thank You”

You’re welcome.It was my pleasure.
No problem.Anytime!
Not a problem.Glad to help.
Don’t mention it.It’s nothing.
No worries.The pleasure is mine.
Not at all.You’d do the same for me.


English Phrases for Apologizing – Easy Phrases

I’m sorry.I apologize.
I’m really sorry.Please forgive me.
I didn’t mean to.I shouldn’t have done that.
My apologies.Pardon me.
I’m so sorry for…I hope you can forgive me for…
I must apologize for…I’ll make it up to you.


Ways to Respond to an Apology – Easy English Phrases

It’s okay.No worries.
No problem.You’re forgiven.
That’s alright.Apology accepted.
Don’t worry about it.It happens.
I appreciate the apology.Thanks for saying sorry.
Let’s move on.It’s all water under the bridge.


Mastering these essential English phrases will surely boost your confidence and proficiency in your daily conversations. Practice using these phrases with friends, language partners, or even by talking to yourself in front of a mirror. As you become more comfortable, you’ll naturally enlarge your vocabulary and expression. Remember, learning a language takes time and effort, so be patient with yourself.


Phrases for Introductions

Nice to meet you.I’m [Your Name].
Pleased to meet you.Let me introduce myself.
Hello, my name is [Your Name].Hi, I’m [Your Name].
Hi there, I’m [Your Name].What’s your name?
Allow me to introduce myself.Hey, I don’t think we’ve met.
Greetings, I’m [Your Name].Nice to make your acquaintance.


Ways to Show Interest

Really?Oh, that’s interesting.
That’s cool.Wow, tell me more.
Is that so?I’d love to hear about it.
That’s fascinating.That’s intriguing.
No kidding!You must tell me all about it.
I’m intrigued.I can’t believe it!


Ways to End a Conversation Politely

I should go now.Thanks for the time.
It was nice talking to you.I’ll see you later.
I need to get going.It’s been a pleasure talking to you.
I’ll catch you later.I’ll talk to you soon.
Time to head out.Take care and goodbye.
I’ll be on my way now.Let’s catch up again soon.


English Phrases for Telephone Calls

Hello, this is [Your Name].May I speak to [Person’s Name]?
Hi, is [Person’s Name] available?Can I take a message?
Who’s calling, please?I’ll call back later.
Could you please hold?Thanks for returning my call.
I’ll call you back.Goodbye.
Sorry, wrong number.Nice talking to you. Goodbye.


Phrases English for Asking for Information

Could you tell me…?I’d like to know…
Can you give me some details about…?What’s the scoop on…?
I need some information on…Can you provide me with some info about…?
Do you know anything about…?I’m curious about…
I’m not familiar with…What can you tell me about…?
Please enlighten me about…I’m in the dark about…


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Ways to Say “I don’t know”

I don’t know.I have no idea.
I’m not sure.I’m not certain.
Beats me.Your guess is as good as mine.
I haven’t got a clue.I’m at a loss.
It eludes me.Your guess is as good as mine.
I’m drawing a blank.It’s a mystery to me.


English Phrases for Asking for Someone’s Opinion & Giving Your Opinion

What do you think?In your opinion…
Do you have any thoughts on this?How do you feel about…?
Can I get your opinion on…?I’d love to hear your views on…
What’s your take on…?Personally, I think…
How would you go about…?It seems to me that…
What are your thoughts about…?If you ask me…


English Phrases for Not Having an Opinion

I don’t have an opinion.I’m not sure.
I don’t really have a preference.I can’t say for certain.
It doesn’t matter to me.I’m neutral on this matter.
I’m not the best person to ask.I don’t have a strong opinion.
I don’t have a strong feeling about…I’m indifferent.
I can’t say I have a favorite.I don’t lean one way or the other.


English Phrases for Agreeing

I agree.Absolutely!
That’s right.You’re absolutely right.
I couldn’t agree more.You have a point.
I’m on the same page.That makes sense.
I’m in full agreement.I totally agree with you.
You’re absolutely correct.That’s exactly how I feel.


Common English Phrases for Disagreeing

I disagree.I see it differently.
I’m not so sure about that.I have a different opinion.
I beg to differ.I can’t say I agree with that.
That’s not how I see it.I’m afraid I can’t agree.
I don’t think so.I’m not convinced.
I’m sorry, but I don’t agree.That doesn’t sound right.


English Phrases for Responding to Good News

That’s fantastic!Wow, congratulations!
That’s wonderful!I’m so happy for you!
That’s great news!You must be thrilled!
I’m delighted to hear that!I couldn’t be happier for you!
That’s incredible!You deserve it!
I’m over the moon for you!You’re on fire!


English Phrases for Responding to Bad News

I’m so sorry to hear that.That’s terrible.
Oh no, that’s awful.My condolences.
That must be really tough.I’m here for you.
Is there anything I can do to help?Take care.
My heart goes out to you.You’re in my thoughts.
Please accept my sympathy.I’m here if you need to talk.


English Phrases for Invitations

Would you like to…?I’d love to!
Do you want to…?I’d be delighted to join.
Are you free to…?I’ll be there!
How about…?Count me in!
I was wondering if you’d like to…That sounds like fun!
It would be great if you could…I appreciate the invite.


Ways to Make & Respond to an Offer

Can I help you with that?Thank you, that’s very kind.
Would you like some coffee?I appreciate the offer, but…
Let me give you a hand.Thanks, but I’m okay for now.
Could I offer you a ride?I’m good, thanks.
I’m here to assist.I’ll pass for now.
I’m happy to help out.Maybe next time.


English Phrases for Talking About Future Plans

I’m planning to…I hope to…
I’m thinking of…I’m looking forward to…
I intend to…I’m considering…
My plan is to…I’m aiming to…
I’m considering…I have my sights set on…
I’m hoping to…I have high hopes of…


Ways to Talk about Likes & Dislikes

I love…I don’t really like…
I like…I’m not a fan of…
I enjoy…I’m not particularly fond of…
I’m fond of…I can’t stand…
I’m passionate about…I can take or leave…
I’m crazy about…I’m not crazy about…


Ways to Make a Suggestion

Why don’t we…?How about…?
Let’s…We could…
Maybe we should…What if we…?
I suggest…How do you feel about…?
What if…?Do you want to…?
I have an idea.I have a suggestion.


English Phrases for Asking/Talking about Jobs

What do you do for a living?I work as a…
Where do you work?I’m employed at…
What’s your occupation?I’m a…
What are you employed as?I’m in the field of…
I’m a [Job Title].I’m currently working as a…
I’m in the business of…My profession is…


English Phrases for Describing Relationships

She’s my sister.He’s my best friend.
This is my mother.That’s my cousin.
We’re classmates.He’s my colleague.
She’s my girlfriend.He’s my boyfriend.
This is my husband.She’s my wife.
They’re my parents.We’re teammates.


Basic English Phrases

Excuse me.Bless you.
Pardon me.Congratulations!
I’m sorry.I’m happy for you.
My apologies.Never mind.
No problem.That’s amazing!
It’s okay.That’s impressive!
You’re welcome.Take your time.
Excuse the interruption.I appreciate it.
Please.Go ahead.


1000 Common English Phrases For Beginners

  Beginner English Phrases PDF – download


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