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Telephone Conversation Exercises & Phrases in English ☏

Improve your conversation skills and learn formal and informal telephone dialogues in English.


Can I speak to Peter Salin, please?

Are you busy?
Can I call you back?

Please hold on.
Sorry to keep you waiting
I’ll transfer you

What’s the area code for Dublin?
Dial 9 to get an outside line.
Press the star key twice.

Would you like to leave a message?
Leave a message on my voicemail.
I’m in a meeting. I’ll call you back.

I think we’ve covered everything.
Speak to you soon.
Bye for now.

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Telephone Dialogue Examples:

Introducing yourself:

-Hey George. It’s Lisa calling. (informal)
-Hello, this is Julie Madison calling.
-Hi, it’s Gerry from the dentist’s office here.

Asking to speak with someone

-Is Fred in? (informal)
-Is Jackson there, please? (informal)
-Cant talk to your sister? (informal)
-May I speak with Mr. Green, please?

Connecting Someone

-Just a sec. I’ll get him. (informal)
-Hang on one second. (informal)
-Please hold and I’ll put you through to his office.
-One moment please.
-All of our operators are busy at this time. Please hold for the next available person.

Making special requests

-Could you please repeat that?
-Would you mind spelling that for me?
-Could you speak up a little please?
-Can you speak a little slower please. My English is not very strong.
-Can you call me back? I think we have a bad connection.
-Can you please hold for a minute? | have another call.


Taking a message for someone

-Sammy is not in. Who’s this? (informal)
-I’m sorry, Lisa is not here at the moment. Can I ask who’s calling?
-I’m afraid he’s stepped out. Would you like to leave a message?
-He’s on lunch right now. Who’s calling please?
-He’s busy right now. Can you call again later?
-I’ll let him know you called.
-I’ll make sure she gets the message.

Leaving a message

-Yes, can you tell him his wife called, please.
-No, that’s okay, I’ll call back later.
-Thanks, could you ask him to call Brian when he gets in?
-Do you have a pen handy. I don’t think he has my number.
-Thanks. My number is 222-3456, extension 12.


Okay, I’ve got it all down.

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