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How to Teach English as a Second Language (PDF)


Teaching English ESL and EFL students can be a hard task. There are many people who wants to learn English for many different reasons. Students around the world want to learn English for better degrees, some people wants to learn it for travel or communicate with people from other cultures. Getting a CELTA, TEFL, TESOL certification will help you to teach English internationally. If you want to teach English to non-native English speakers or international students there are some simple steps to follow on your journey to teach English as a foreign language. You can also get “How To Teach English” PDF down below.

How to Teach English ESL – EFL Students

To teach English as a second language, you can follow these steps:

Assess student’s level: Determine the student’s current level of English proficiency and their learning goals.

Plan lessons: Based on the assessment, create a lesson plan that includes a variety of activities to meet the student’s needs and goals.

Use visuals and real-life examples: Use visuals such as flashcards, images, videos, and real-life examples to make the learning experience more engaging.

Encourage conversation: Encourage students to speak and practice English as much as possible through conversation exercises and role-playing activities.


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Provide feedback: Give regular feedback on the student’s progress, including both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.

Use authentic materials: Use authentic materials such as news articles, TV shows, and songs to help students learn English in a real-world context.

Be patient and flexible: Be patient with students and adjust your teaching approach based on their learning style and pace.

Encourage self-study: Encourage students to practice English outside of the classroom and provide them with resources for self-study.


How to Teach English PDF

  How to Teach English PDF – download

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