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Positive Adjectives to Describe a Person (PDF)


In this post, you will find positive adjectives to describe a person.  This word list could empower your writing skills. There are many ways to describe a person. You can use positive adjectives depending on your approach in writing.

Using these adjectives can be useful for your English essays, short stories and general writing tasks for school.

Here is a list of common personality adjectives that describe people in a positive way, with example sentences. You can also download a PDF of this list at the end of this post.


Positive Adjectives List


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Positive Adjective List

Part 1Part 2
1. adaptable51. independent
2. adventurous52. intellectual
3. affable53. intelligent
4. affectionate54. intuitive
5. agreeable55. inventive
6. ambitious56. kind
7. amiable57. loving
8. amicable58. loyal
9. amusing59. modest
10. brave60. neat
11. bright61. nice
12. broad-minded62. optimistic
13. calm63. passionate
14. careful64. patient
15. charming65. persistent
16. communicative66. pioneering
17. compassionate67. philosophical
18. conscientious68. placid
19. considerate69. plucky
20. convivial70. polite
21. courageous71. powerful
22. courteous72. practical
23. creative73. pro-active
24. decisive74. quick-witted
25. determined75. quiet
26. diligent76. rational
27. diplomatic77. reliable
28. discreet78. reserved
29. dynamic79. resourceful
30. easygoing80. romantic
31. emotional81. self-confident
32. energetic82. self-disciplined
33. enthusiastic83. sensible
34. exuberant84. sensitive
35. fair-minded85. shy
36. faithful86. sincere
37. fearless87. sociable
38. forceful88. straightforward
39. frank89. sympathetic
40. friendly90. thoughtful
41. funny91. tidy
42. generous92. tough
43. gentle93. unassuming
44. good94. understanding
45. gregarious95. versatile
46. hard-working96. warmhearted
47. helpful97. willing
48. honest98. witty
49. humorous99. impartial


Positive Adjectives to Describe a Person Example Sentences

Positive AdjectiveExample Sentence
KindSarah’s kind heart is evident in her willingness to help others.
CompassionateMaryam’s compassionate nature shines when she volunteers at the local animal shelter.
OptimisticEmily’s optimism brightens even the gloomiest days.
CharismaticTom’s charismatic personality makes him the center of attention at social gatherings.
EmpatheticRachel’s empathetic nature allows her to connect deeply with friends in times of trouble.
EnthusiasticJake’s enthusiastic approach to life inspires everyone around him.
GenerousRebecca’s generosity knows no bounds as she frequently donates to charity.
IntelligentAlex’s intelligence and quick thinking make him a valuable asset to any team.
CreativeAhmad’s creative ideas are the driving force behind our innovative projects.
ReliableJenny’s reliability is unmatched, and she always comes through when needed.

Positive Adjective List PDF

  Positive Adjectives List PDF – download

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