Common Errors in English (Free e-Book)

Everyone who learns English makes the same mistakes at first, and this book shows you examples of these mistakes and how to correct them.

Many of the mistakes are illustrated, so you can see exactly what people are really saying when they make them! This helps you to understand why they’re wrong, and to stop making them.

There are ten chapters covering different areas, such as travel English, work English, education English and family English. Each chapter has five sections and altogether there are more than 300 examples of typical mistakes, including confused English words, prepositions and grammar. There are also review exercises to give you more practice in noticing mistakes and saying what you want to say correctly.

Some common error examples:
Wrong: I am married with a doctor
Right: I am married to a doctor.

Wrong: We were boring in the school.
Right: We were bored in the school.

Wrong: Every student like holidays.
Right: Every student likes holidays.

Wrong: I enjoyed from the concert.
Right: I enjoyed the concert.

Wrong: I am agree with you
Right: I agree with you.

Wrong: Where I can find a girlfriend?
Right: Where can I find a girlfriend?

Wrong: I live in UK
Right: I live in the UK

Wrong: He doesn’t listen me.
Right: He doesn’t listen to me.

Wrong: Weather is more hot now.
Right: Weather is hotter now.

Wrong: Thank
Right: Thanks

Download Common Errors in English PDF that you can read anywhere.

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