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Useful Collocations with HAVE ✓


Collocations are words that go together, often in ways that we do not expect. These word pairs usually go together. Here you can learn English collocation with HAVE.

Collocations with HAVE


10 Meanings of HAVE

1. own, posses, obtain
Peter has two cars.

2. contain, comprise
The house has two bedrooms.

3. experience, encounter
Tom has a lot of joy in his life.

4. express, show, display
She had no remorse.

5. allow, permit, tolerate
I won’t have such behavior.


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6. feel (with reference to feeling, doubts)
She had doubts about marrying him.

7. enjoy, experience
They had an amazing night.

8. eat
We had lunch at two o’clock.

9. give birth to
Maryam had a baby yesterday.

10. receive, get, be given
Ahmad had many gifts for his birthday.


Collocation with HAVE

have a bathhave a drink
have a good timehave a haircut
have a holidayhave a problem
have a relationshiphave a rest
have a lunchhave sympathy
have a showerhave a baby
have a breakhave a party
have a runhave a discussion
have a lecturehave a dream
have a fighthave a talk
have funhave a meal
have a swimhave a meeting
have a day offhave a lecture
have a chathave a nap
have a bathhave a headache
have a coldhave difficulty
have an argumenthave a nightmare
have a conversationhave a try
have a lookhave breakfast
have a gamehave a taste


Collocation with HAVE PDF

  Collocations with Have PDF – download


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