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In-Class Writing Activities for College Students


Writing is an essential skill in a liberal arts education and is something each person needs to learn how to do in their lifetime. 

We’ll give you an overview here of the best writing activities, as well as why these writing activities are important. If you’re really in a crunch for your next essay, though, check out this cheap college essay writing service for custom papers.

Whether you’re a student or a professor, keep reading for our writing activity tips as well as some great recommendations on where to get custom writing online in a pinch.

Why Are Writing Activities Helpful?

There’s only one thing that separates a good writer from a great writer: practice. Great writers aren’t born that way, they write as much as possible, and use writing activities to target specific areas that they need to work on.

If you’re a writer, you may be familiar with the term “writer’s block.” You really want to write something, but you just can’t seem to get started. Any of the writing activities we are about to discuss here are super helpful for getting over that writer’s block.

Writing activities can also help you work on specific types of writing that you are not experienced in. For example, if you have written tons of academic essays for your classes, and suddenly you are assigned to write a piece of creative fiction, you might feel super out of your comfort zone. You can try some of the activities below in order to get that creative side of your writing brain turned all the way on.

Best In-Class Writing Activities

Here’s our list of some writing activities that may be super helpful for college students wishing to improve their writing skills.


This one is super simple, and it’s very helpful if you or your students are experiencing writer’s block. All you have to do is grab a pencil and paper, and set a timer for anywhere between one and ten minutes. Start the timer, and begin writing about whatever comes to mind. The only rule during this activity is that your pencil cannot leave the paper until the timer goes off.

This is a great brainstorming activity. When you’re finished, it may seem like just a bunch of gibberish, but read over it all and find a topic or sentence you wrote that you liked, and use it as inspiration for whatever your next writing assignment is.

To take this activity even further. Pick one or two sentences from your free-write, and write a 500-word paper about whatever those sentences say. This will really help to get your writer wheels turning.

Improve Writing

This one is great for any sort of creative writing you wish to do. It’s very simple: pick three or four random words with no association to each other. Then write a story that uses all of those words. For example, I could say elevator, strawberry, notebook, and you would have to write a creative story that involves each of those words. Try it out!

Bubble Mapping

Bubble mapping is a great activity that can be used for both nonfiction and fiction writing. It’s great if you’re a visual learner that has trouble organizing topics using just words. Bubble mapping is simply a form of outlining, but it is drawn in bubbles. 

All you need to do is put your central topic in a bubble at the center of a blank sheet of paper, coming off of the bubbles you can write or draw the related points, stories, or characters you are going to cover, and off of those bubbles, you can write or draw the specific details associated with each of those bubbles.

When you’re done you’ll have a great mess of bubbles, pictures, and words that will serve as a great organizational tool for your writing.

What If I Need Help Writing My Paper?

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In Conclusion…

Activities like free-writing, improve writing, and bubble mapping are all great in-class writing activities for college students that need to hone in on certain skills or get over their writer’s block. However, some papers may just be too difficult, and there’s no shame in asking for help. If you need quality, affordable, custom papers, check out cheap college essay writing services online.

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What are your favorite writing activities? Have you ever used a writing service? Tell us about your experience below, and don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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