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40+ Fresh Ways to Say “In Conclusion”

In you find yourself repetitive and constantly using same words, you might be surprised there are many other ways to say ‘in conclusion‘ in the English language.

Need a replacement for “in conclusion”? Here you can find plenty of other ways to say this common conclusion transition phrase.

You can easily enrich your emails, writing, essay and academic papers.


Other Ways to Say ” In Conclusion”

In summary,
After all is said and done,
All in all,
All things considered,
As a result,
As a final observation,
At the end of the day,
Briefly to conclude,
Bringing up rear,
By and large,
Considering all of these,
Everything considered,
it may be concluded,
Finally/ Lastly,
In a nutshell,
In brief,
In closing,
In concluding,
In consolidation,
In ending this,
In essence,
In review,
In short,
In sum,
In the final analysis,
It is concluded that,
It’s apparent that through,
Last but not least,
On a final note,
On the whole,
it may be said,
Summing up,
Taking everything into account,
Taking this into account,
The research papers in the main,
To briefly paraphrase,
To come to the point,
To conclude,
To end things off,
To make the long story short,
To put it all together,
To put it bluntly,
To sum up,
To summarise the above
To summarise,
To wrap it all up,
In the end,

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