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How to Speak English Fast – Great Tips You Should Know!


Do you want to talk fast in English or maybe you’re looking for tips to understand native English speakers better? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this lesson, we’ll give you some handy tricks that English speakers use when they speak fast.

Build a strong vocabulary: The more words you know, the faster you can speak. Build your vocabulary by reading, listening and actively learning new words.

Practice listening: Listen to native speakers, whether through films, podcasts or conversations. Pay attention to their pace, rhythm and intonation.

Speak regularly: Practice speaking English regularly. Talk to native speakers or language partners. The more you speak, the more comfortable and fluent you’ll become.

Work on your pronunciation: Clear and accurate pronunciation is essential for speaking quickly. Practice speaking clearly and consider working with a pronunciation coach or using language learning apps.

Think in English: As you become more fluent, try thinking in English rather than translating from your native language. This will help you respond more quickly in conversation.

Use contractions: Use contractions such as “I am”, “you are”, “won’t”, “can’t” and the contractions mentioned in a previous answer (e.g. gonna, wanna). They make your speech more fluent and natural.


Remember that speaking quickly doesn’t mean sacrificing clarity. It’s important to strike a balance between speed and clear communication.


Tips to Speak Fast English


1. Use Contractions

We use contractions (You’re, he’s, I’m) in everyday speech and informal writing.

Here is a useful list for the most common contractions in English.

aren’tare not
couldn’tcould not
didn’tdid not
hasn’thas not
haven’thave not
isn’tis not
mustn’tmust not
shouldn’tshould not
wasn’twas not
won’twill not
wouldn’twould not


2. Reduce Verbs

Reduce these four popular verbs: going to gonna, want towanna, have got togotta, have tohafta.

going togonna (e.g., I’m gonna eat lunch.)
want towanna (e.g., I wanna go to the park.)
have got togotta (e.g., I gotta finish my work.)
have tohafta (e.g., I hafta go to the store.)


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3. Reduce ‘YOU’

These three question words reduce in a different way.

First word: What?

What are you doing? → Whatcha doin’?

Second word: Where?

Where are you going? → Whereya goin’?

Third word: Would

Would you help me? → Wouldja help me?

How to Speak Fast English


4. Don’t Pronounce ‘T’

Another fast speaking English tip is to cutt of the ‘T’ at the end of words.

We go out every night → We go ou’ every nigh’

Easy right?


5. Don’t Pronounce ‘D’

Just don’t pronounce the letter ‘D’ at the end of words.

I found blue and yellow shoes → I foun’ blue an’ yellow shoes.


6. Reduce Pronouns

You can reduce some pronouns as you are speaking English. We hear this a lot in daily conversations.

Maybe he is right → Maybe ‘e is righ’

It’s his turn → It’s ‘is turn.

It’s her turn → It ‘er turn.

Don’t listen to them → Don’t listen to ’em

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