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Question Words in English – Rules & Examples – Quiz (Free PDF)

What are the WH question words?


In this lesson, you will learn question words in more detail to have a greater understanding of when and how they are used.

In the English language, there are “Yes/No” questions and “Wh-” questions.

Question words are also called “wh-” questions because these words include the letters ‘W’ and ‘H’.

Wh- questions start with what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why and how. You use them to ask for information. The answer cannot be yes or no for those questions.

☞ Where are you from? – Yes, I am. (wrong)


Question WordFunctionExample Sentence
whatasking for information about somethingWhat is her name?
asking for repetition or confirmation-What? I can’t understand you.
-He did what?
what…forasking for a reason, asking whyWhat did you do that for?
whenasking about timeWhen did she come?
whereasking in or at what place or positionWhere do you live?
whichasking about choiceWhich book do you want?
whoasking what or which person or people (subject)Who opened the window?
whomasking what or which person or people (object)Whom did you call?
whoseasking about ownership-Whose are these shoes?
-Whose turn is it?
whyasking for reason, asking what…forWhy do you talk like this?
why don’tmaking a suggestionWhy don’t you help me?
howasking about mannerHow does it work?
asking about condition or qualityHow was your exam?

wh- question words

How Question Words

How – Asking for a way, manner or form. For example: How does it work?, How can I go?


FunctionExample Sentence
How manyAsking about quantityHow many people were there?
Used with countable nounsHow many apples on the table?
How oftenasking about frequency How often do you visit your mother?
How farasking about distanceHow far is gas station from here?
How longasking about length (time or space)How long has he slept?
How muchasking about quantity

used with uncountable nouns

How much money do you have?

How much sugar is in an apple?

How oldasking about ageHow old is Queen Elizabeth?

You can also download free Question Word Practice Booklet PDF down below. Question Words Practice Booklet


Wh Question Words Quiz

#1. _____ colour is Mary's dress?

#2. _____ do farmers harvest? (In summer)

#3. ____ does John feel on holidays?

#4. ____ time does Mohamed get up?

#5. ____ students are there? (Five)

#6. ____ are you going next weekend?

#7. ____ money did he steal? (Mine!)

#8. ____ does Mary work every summer?

#9. ____ does my heart feel so bad?

#10. ____ flour do you need for the cake? (1 kg)




You did great!

You can do better!

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Thank you to give me something for me to practice!


How long/asking about length (time or space)/Where do you live? This is incorrect



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