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Commonly Used Collocations and Expressions in English (PDF)


So you want to learn collocations and commonly used English expressions? Two or more words that usually go together and sound right to native speakers all over the world are called collocations and expressions.

Some collocations and expressions also can be unnatural and sound wrong to native speakers.

For example “fast food” is a collocation. If you try to say “quick food” it will sound wrong to native speakers. If you learn these collocations and expressions your English will sound more natural and easily understood.


Collocations Meaning & Example List

CollocationMeaningExample Sentence
Take actionDo something, actThey need to take action to solve the problem.
Make progressImprove, advanceThe company has made good progress this year.
Get involvedParticipate, be part ofHe wants to get involved in the community.
Have an impactInfluence, affectHer speech had a great impact on her friends.
Deal withManage, handleHe has to deal with a lot of stress at school.
Go throughExperience, endureShe went through a difficult time after losing her husband.
Come acrossFind, discoverShe came across an old photo of her family.
Turn toSeek help, rely onWhen he had a problem, he always turns to his father.
Put effort intoTry hard, invest energyHe has been putting a lot of effort into his work.
Carry outPerform, executeThe company is planning to carry out a new project.
Play a roleBe part of, contributeHis volunteering work plays a big role in his life.

Common Collocations List

CollocationMeaningExample Sentence
Do justiceTreat fairlyThe judge must do justice in the court.
Make a mistakeErrorShe made a mistake in her calculations.
Take a breakRest, pauseYou need to take a break from work.
Get a jobFind workHe’s been trying to get a new job.
Go on vacationTake a tripThey’re going on vacation to Paris next week.
Have a babyGive birthThey’re going to have a baby in a few months.
Do a good jobPerform wellYou did a good job on your new project.
Make an effortTry hardI’ll make an effort to be on time tomorrow.
Take responsibilityBe accountableShe must take responsibility for her mistakes.
Get marriedWedWe’re getting married next month.
Go to schoolAttend classesHe goes to school every day.
Have a partyCelebrateWe’re having a party for our anniversary.

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Common English Expressions List

ExpressionMeaningExample Sentence
At the end of the dayUltimatelyAt the end of the day, it’s up to you what to do.
Break the iceReduce awkwardnessHe told a joke to break the ice at the meeting.
Cut to the chaseGet straight to the pointCan we cut to the chase and talk about the real problem here?
Give someone a handHelpCan you give me a hand with this heavy box?
In a nutshellBriefly, simplyIn a nutshell, the project was a success.
It’s not rocket scienceIt’s not difficultFiguring out how to use English collocations is not rocket science.
Let’s face itTo be honestLet’s face it, we made a great mistake here.
Make ends meetEarn enough to pay billsIt’s hard to make ends meet on a low salary.
Put it this wayExpress in a different wayPut it this way, if you don’t study, you’ll fail the exam.
Take it easyRelaxTake it easy my friend, it will pass soon.
To tell you the truthHonestlyTo tell you the truth, I don’t know what to do with her.

Collocation & Expression PDF

You can download commonly used English collocations and expressions pdf down below.

  English Collocations and Expressions PDF – download


English Collocations and Expressions List

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