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List of Opposite Adjectives in English (PDF)


In this post, you will find the list of opposite adjectives in English Easy English or hard English? Do you like cold or warm weather? Adjectives are the words that describe the world and everything that’s in it. Adjectives give use more information and details about things. Here you can find and learn 50 most common English opposite adjectives.

List of Opposite Adjectives

happy – sad
big – small
hot – cold
fast – slow
wet – dry
black – white
nervous – relaxed
clean – dirty
sick – healthy
poor – rich
full – empty
strong – weak
noisy – quiet
hard – soft
difficult – easy
dangerous – safe
generous – selfish
cheap – expensive
lazy – hardworking
beautiful – ugly
open – closed
early – late
tidy – messy
deep – shallow
left – right
wrong – right
old – new
old – young
short – tall
short – long
light – dark
light – heavy


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List of Opposite Adjectives

  750+ List of Opposite Adjectives PDF – download

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