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Difference Between Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool


Paraphrasing and summarizing are both techniques used to restate information in your own words, but they serve different purposes and involve different levels of detail. Here are the key differences between paraphrasing and summarizing, as well as their respective tools:


  • Purpose: To restate information from a source in your own words while retaining the original meaning and ideas.
  • Level of Detail: Paraphrasing involves restating sentences, paragraphs, or longer passages from the original text in a detailed manner.
  • Use Cases: Used to clarify complex ideas, avoid plagiarism while incorporating sources into your writing, and provide alternative wording without changing the meaning.
  • Tool Example: Paraphrasing Tool by Prepostseo, QuillBot, Spinbot.


  • Purpose: To condense the main ideas or key points of a text into a concise and comprehensive form.
  • Level of Detail: Summarizing involves capturing the main ideas, essential details, and key arguments of a text while omitting minor details and examples.
  • Use Cases: Used to provide an overview of a longer text, report, or article, highlight important information, and present a condensed version for quick understanding.
  • Tool Example: Summarizing Tool by Prepostseo, SummarizeBot, Resoomer.


Differences Summarized:

  • Purpose: Paraphrasing focuses on restating information in your own words, while summarizing aims to condense and capture the main points of a text.
  • Level of Detail: Paraphrasing retains more detail from the original text, while summarizing provides a condensed version with essential information.
  • Use Cases: Paraphrasing is used to rephrase specific content while retaining its meaning, while summarizing is used to provide a brief overview or synthesis of a longer text.
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