Present Simple Tense

You use the present simple tense to talk about people’s routines and habits.

➜Tom goes for a walk every morning.
➜We always spend the summer in Turkey.

You use the present simple to talk about things that are permanent or always true, and in zero conditional sentences.

➜The office opens at seven every morning.
➜Water boils at 100c.

You use the present simple to talk about official scheduled or timetabled events, e.g. train timetables, television listing, etc.

➜This train arrives in London at 07.15.
➜The film starts at eight.

You usually use the present simple (not the present continuous) with certain verbs, e.g. agree, believe, feel, hate, hear, know, like, love, prefer, see, smell, taste, understand, etc.

➜She doesn’t understand the question.
NOT She isn’t understanding the question.

➜I believe in life after death.
NOT I am believing in life after death.

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