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Common Collocations in English With Prepositions (PDF)


A collocation is a combination of words that commonly used together. Here are some common collocations with prepositions in English with example sentences:

Collocations with Prepositions Examples

CollocationPrepositionExample Sentence
depend ononI depend on my parents for financial support.
dream aboutaboutI often dream about winning the lottery.
talk totoI need to talk to my boss about my work schedule.
listen totoI love listening to music on my way to work.
look atatCan you look at this picture and tell me what you see?
laugh atatI couldn’t help but laugh at the silly joke.
arrive at/inat/inI arrived at the airport at 8 am.
believe ininI strongly believe in the power of positive thinking.
participate ininI want to participate in the marathon next year.
concentrate ononI need to concentrate on my studies for the exam.
object totoI object to the proposal to cut funding for education.
apologize forforI apologize for being late to the meeting.
agree withwithI completely agree with your opinion.
pay attention totoPlease pay attention to the safety instructions.
complain about/ofabout/ofI have a lot to complain about with this new policy.
consist ofofThe cake consists of flour, sugar, and eggs.
deal withwithI have to deal with a lot of stress at work.
excel ininShe excels in art and science.
fight againstagainstWe must fight against inequality and injustice.
get along withwithI get along well with my coworkers.
live on/offon/offI live off my savings while I look for a job.
rely ononI rely on my friends for emotional support.
succeed ininI hope to succeed in my career.
focus ononI need to focus on my priorities.
take part ininI want to take part in the charity event.
think about/ofabout/ofI’ve been thinking about going back to school.


Collocations with Prepositions

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Collocation with Prepositions List

depend onon
dream aboutabout
talk toto
listen toto
look atat
laugh atat
arrive at/inat/in
believe inin
participate inin
concentrate onon
object toto
apologize forfor
agree withwith
pay attention toto
complain about/ofabout/of
consist ofof
deal withwith
excel inin
fight againstagainst
get along withwith
live on/offon/off
rely onon
succeed inin
focus onon
take part inin
think about/ofabout/of


Preposition Combinations PDF

  Collocations With Prepositions PDF – download

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