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English Verb Tenses Tables, Cards & Worksheets (PDF)


In this lesson we are going to talk about English verb tenses and we’ll make it as easy as ABC.

In our article ‘English Verb Tenses Tables, Cards and Worksheets’, we’re going to show you a fun and easy way to understand verb tenses. We’ve got charts, cards and worksheets to help you practise and improve.

Whether you’re learning past, present or future tenses, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive into the world of verbs and time. Learning English tenses is like learning a new game – and we’ve got the best rules for you!

Here’s a simple table with examples of English verb tenses:

Present SimpleI study English.General facts and routines.
Present ContinuousThey are eating lunch.Actions happening now or near future.
Present PerfectShe has visited London.Actions completed with a connection to now.
Past SimpleHe visited Paris.Completed actions in the past.
Past ContinuousWe were playing games.Ongoing actions in the past.
Past PerfectThey had finished work.Actions completed before another past event.
Future SimpleShe will travel tomorrow.Predictions, plans, and promises.
Future ContinuousYou will be studying later.Ongoing actions in the future.
Future PerfectI will have completed it.Actions that will be finished in the future.


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English Verbs Tenses Chart 1
English Verbs Tenses Chart 2

Download English verb tenses charts and cards that you can read anywhere.

English Verb Tenses Charts

English Verb Tenses Cards

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