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Prepositions of Place (Practice Worksheets)


Introduction to Prepositions

Prepositions are short words that show the relationship between the noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. Time, place, direction, etc.

Some examples of prepositions are at, on, in, to, from, above, under, of and between.

Your bag is under the table.
Come sit between us.
You forgot your wallet in my car.

In this lesson, we will learn prepositions of place.

Common Prepositions of Place:

Prepositions of Place with Similar Meanings

These prepositions have close meanings.

1. NEXT TO / BESIDE (same meaning)

My shop is next to a mosque.
My shop is beside a mosque.

2. ON, ABOVE and OVER (similar meaning)

Use ON when the two things are touching and ABOVE when they are not touching.

Use OVER when there is movement.

The ship is on the ocean.
Lights was above us.
Birds are flying over my home.

3. UNDER / BENEATH / BELOW (similar meaning)

The dog was under the table.
The dog was beneath the table.
The dog was below the table.

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