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Nursing Vocabulary and Definitions (PDF)


If you want to improve your communication skills in a healthcare environment, learning nursing vocabulary is essential. Nursing is considered to be a critical and invaluable service that requires the utmost attention and care in its delivery.

Knowledge of the language used in nursing is essential not only for the accurate communication of information, but also for the provision of quality patient care. To assist in this linguistic journey, here is a comprehensive collection of commonly used nursing terms and phrases, tailored for those whose second language is English:


Basic Medical Terminology:

Here you can find some basic medical terms for nursing and their definitions:

PatientIndividual receiving care
DoctorMedical professional
NurseHealthcare professional
HospitalHealthcare facility
ClinicOutpatient healthcare center
Emergency Room (ER)Immediate medical care
AmbulanceEmergency medical transport
MedicationPrescribed drugs
DiagnosisIdentifying a medical condition
TreatmentMedical intervention


Body Parts:

Here you can learn some body parts words and their definitions:

HeadUpper part of the body
HeartOrgan pumping blood
LungsOrgans for breathing
StomachDigestive organ
LiverMetabolic organ
KidneysFiltration organs
BonesStructural components
MusclesTissue for movement
NervesTransmit signals
Blood vesselsTransport blood
Nursing Vocabulary – The Human Body

Patient Care:

Here is a list of some of the terms that are used in patient care and their definitions:

AdmitTo enter a healthcare facility
DischargeTo leave a healthcare facility
MonitorTo observe and track
AssessTo evaluate and analyze
AdministerTo give medication or treatment
Vital signsEssential body measurements
Wound careTreatment of injuries or wounds
HygienePersonal cleanliness
RehabilitationRestoration of health and abilities
Palliative careComfort-focused care for the ill


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Medical Equipment:

Here you can learn the vocabulary of medical equipment for nursing care:

StethoscopeInstrument for listening to body sounds
Blood pressure cuffDevice for measuring blood pressure
ThermometerTool for measuring body temperature
IV (intravenous) lineTube for administering fluids or medications
SyringeInstrument for injecting or withdrawing fluids
Oxygen maskDevice for delivering oxygen to the patient
VentilatorMachine supporting breathing
CatheterTube for drainage or administration
EKG/ECG (electrocardiogram)Heart activity recording
X-rayImaging technique for internal structures


Common Conditions:

Become familiar with common medical conditions. This is an important part of the nursing vocabulary.

DiabetesMetabolic disorder
HypertensionHigh blood pressure
AsthmaRespiratory condition
AllergiesImmune system reactions
InfectionInvasion of pathogens
FeverElevated body temperature
StrokeDisruption of blood flow to the brain
Heart attackDamage to the heart muscle
FractureBroken bone
SurgeryMedical procedure


Nursing Vocabulary Word List PDF

  Nursing Vocabulary – Word List PDF – download

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